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Ardan Michael runs A. Blum Localization Services. His Palo Alto-based SEO company specializes in SEO training. More via


Ardan Michael Blum was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He received his B.A in Literature from Bennington College.

At Bennington, he discovered photography and a hobby for life

After college, he returned to his birthplace where he worked for over 22 years for several financial and community-based institutions in Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management while - at the same time - creating an innovative organization dedicated to helping senior citizens in Geneva.

From 1999 to 2013, Ardan Michael managed a non-governmental organization: VIVRE AVEC LE 3EME AGE which established active partnerships with HP Europe, Microsoft Switzerland, Logitech, and IBM Switzerland to provide senior citizen social clubs and nursing homes with free computers, hardware, and software. This was done on a very large scale across the French speaking part of Switzerland. 


Over fifteen years, Ardan Michael trained and taught the residents in nursing homes and senior citizen club members how to use email, access the web and work computer programs.


In this time he learned the "art of communicating" and more importantly, he learned "the art of listening." Out of those two capacities was born a unique website of collected life stories in video, audio and text format which you can visit at


In 2019, Ardan Michael started - a new senior citizen video/interview project for Northern California.