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1: Why is this blog called "Sandboxed"?

- Building things from the imagination and basic creativity start in sandboxes.

2: What is the purpose of this blog?

- As a Freemason, I believe that one must seek to build a temple within the citadel of the Soul. First though one has to open the citadel walls. I believe that the gates and the later process of building is derived from an early education - such as the Wonderful Montessori Method and/or by taking the winding paths of virtue seeking that may need a guide such as Virgil - see The Divine Comedy  and/or in finding in images or films signs of wonder and/or other paths of creativity and inspiration that glue the stones. The idea here is that you are not alone all the time. Said differently: If you have watched a sundial turn a shadow then you are witness to the interaction of a lot more than just the sun with the sundial.

3: Are there other personal projects are you working on?

- There are many! Here is a sampling:

4: Will you be expanding this blog to new themes?

- At present, the focus of my work is about 3 hours - with 15 minutes on a stopwatch per project. This routine - done twice a week - is already a challenge. The idea is to expand all the personal pages instead of creating new topics. And this should, I hope, take the current work in progress to a far more sophisticated, lasting, and meaningful format by keeping to this program for a while.